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PE and Competitive Sport

Greatham Primary School
Physical Education using Physical Literacy
Vision Statement

  • All children will access a high quality, physically demanding and challenging physical education programme, delivered by teachers using physical literacy to develop the generic movements skills, which underpin lifelong participation in accordance with the PE Curriculum.
  • Teachers will undertake regular CPD to develop their knowledge and understanding in physical and sporting activities.
  • Teaching and Learning will be progressive and regularly assessed to ensure that all children develop competence and confidence through a broad range of activities thus having the skills to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Pupils learn physical, social, thinking skills to support collaboration and communication with their peers and apply these throughout life.
  • Within our curriculum all pupils will experience competition to demonstrate and celebrate personal achievements. Some pupils will experience Level 2 within our Pyramid Bohunt and through the School Games framework (Perrins).
  • Our extra curricular clubs, led by Teachers or appropriately qualified coaches, are offered to every child and continues to extend and reinforce generic skill development.
  • Playtime provision develops leadership (through the Sports Leaders programme) and ownership whilst continuing to allow pupils to have the opportunity to become more physically active.