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Greatham Primary School


Who’s Who

Our Staff

Greatham Primary School has an extremely experienced and committed staff. It is their enthusiasm, dedication and expertise that inspires the children to believe in themselves and their ability to achieve.

Teaching Staff
  Year Group
Area of Responsibility
Miss J Goman   Head Teacher
4 full-time and 7 part-time teachers and 1 Special Needs Teacher
Mrs L Hope

Miss S Bineham
Year 6 (Otters)  
Mrs S Kestle

Mrs K Keenan
Year 5 (Foxes) School Leadership Team
Mr M Richmond Year 4 (Moles) Deputy Head
School Leadership Team
Mr J Lawry Year 3 (Hedgehogs)  
Miss H Ross Year 2 (Badgers)

Miss S Trussler (Maternity Leave)

Mrs C Addison


Mrs S McLaughlan

Year 1 (Squirrels)  
Mrs K Taylor

Mrs J Clarke
Year R (Rabbits)  
Mrs S Kestle Special Needs and Disabilities
Co-ordinator for all years

Learning Support Staff

The teaching staff are supported by a team of 14 Learning Support Assistants (LSA’s).
Mrs N Boulton  
Ms K Gadd  
Mrs E Senior Year R
Miss A Macer  
Mrs J Patterson  
Mrs J Sweetman  
Mrs D Hedicker  
Mrs SJ Ayo  
Mrs J Edwards Special Needs Assistant
Miss R Sage  
Mrs K Kestle  
Mr J Farnden Sports Technician
Miss H Forrest  
Mrs L Gordon  

Lunchtime Staff
Miss L Snelling Lunchtime Supervisor

Office Staff

The office staff support the work of the teaching staff.
Mrs J Cole Administration Officer
Mrs W Morris Administration Officer
Mrs D Holman Administration Assistant

School Caretaker
Mr R Sweetman Site Manager

Kitchen Staff
Mrs A Phipps Head of Kitchen
Ms T Cottis Catering Assistant

Visiting Peripatetic Music Staff
Mr D Smith Keyboard
Mrs J Moore Violin
Mr R Hawkins Guitar
Ms J Whitehouse Vocal
Care Aspire Achieve If your child is starting year R in 2019 please contact us on 01420 538224 to arrange a visit.