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Curriculum Statement and Organisation

At Greatham our school aim is:


To deliver a broad, high quality and inspiring curriculum that unlocks the unique potential of every child within a safe, caring and vibrant learning community.

To inspire children and leaders in a school where every child is known and able to learn without limits so they can achieve success.


We organise our curriculum into half termly topics. Each topic has a lead subject area which acts as the key driver. The key drivers are historical, scientific or geographical because we recognise that our children demonstrate high levels of engagement in these areas of the curriculum. Other subjects are creatively placed to link learning rather than being equally spread across terms. We do not teach every subject in a half termly period and subjects are blocked together within a topic where appropriate (for example, 5 RE lessons may be taught over a 3 day period rather than weekly).


Whilst we are determined that the children know the associated facts for each curriculum area, our emphasis is on building the skills required to apply knowledge. This is to create both aspirational and resilient learners.


English is mostly linked to topic themes and key texts are carefully selected in order to drive the learning. We recognise that outcomes for our children are stronger when the link between English text and topic are clear. Maths, PE and Spanish are taught separately. We endeavour to fill each topic with rich first-hand purposeful experiences and we make meaningful links between subjects. An emphasis on understanding vocabulary is key in all subjects. Environments and expertise beyond the classroom are actively encouraged and within topics we are both flexible and responsive to individual needs and interests.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year R

The characteristic of effective learning through the prime areas of learning:

communication, language and literacy;

personal social education; and

physical development

through knowledge and assessment of the children’s skills and interests leading to high levels of engagement. (The KAPE cycle)

Maintaining focus on the prime areas of learning with an increased focus on mathematical development and literacy.
Continuation of outstanding knowledge of the children and assessment of their skills and interests leading to high levels of engagement. (The KAPE cycle)

Within all the areas of learning, a greater focus on undertaking independent writing, reading and mathematical tasks in preparation for year 1.

Year 1


Once Upon a Time
Key Learning: Science


Traditional Tales

(Story writing)


Mixed up Fairy Tales

Dungeons and Dragons

Key Learning: History


The Dragon Machine

(wanted poster and recipe)


Tell me a Dragon

(Descriptive poem)

Fire Fire

Key Learning: History


Samuel Squeaks- Fiction Express

(Diary Writing)


Range of non fiction texts

Greatham is Great

Key Learning: Geography


The Jolly Postman



Jack and Baked Bean Stalk

(Story writing, Giant Letter)


Land Before Time

Key Learning: Science


Flip Flap Dinosaurs

  • Spelling strategies
  • Vocabulary


Range of non fiction texts

(Fact Files)

Great Explorers

Key Learning: history and longitudinal science


Space Poems – A range



Hare and the Tortoise Race to the Moon (Narrative)



Year 2


Iceberg Ahead!

Key Learning: History


Samson’s Titanic Journey (letter)

Green Ship (story writing)


Toy Story
Key Learning: History


That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown (story writing)

Elf on the Shelf (diary)

Awesome Animals
Key Learning: Science


Flip Flap Pets

(Fact Files)


Adventures in the Outback
Key Learning: Geography


The Queen’s Knickers (letter)


The Koala Who Could



Home from Home
Key Learning: Science


Diary of a Killer Cat (blog)

Yum, Yum (factual story writing)


Grow it!

Key Learning: Science


The Gigantic Turnip (audio books story writing with alternative ending)

It Starts With a Seed (poetry)

Year 3


I am Amazing

Key Learning: Science


Book of Bones


Human Body Detectives

(Digestive system adventurous story)


History Rocks

Key Learning: History


Stone Age Boy


(Narrative- focussing on description)

Island Adventures

Key Learning: Geography


Tuesday (Newspaper Report)


(Letter writing- formal and informal)

Full Steam Ahead

Key Learning: Local History


Railway Children (fiction)

Flower Power

Key Learning: Science


The Flower (narrative)

Night Gardener

Secret Garden

Year 4/5


Out of this World

Key Learning: Science


The Jamie Drake Equation

(Character description)


Pandora – film clip

(Non-chronological report)


Leon and the Place Between

(Fantasy story writing)

What Goes Up…

Key Learning: Science


The Man Who Walked Between the Towers

(Formal letter; biography; auto-Biography) 


King Kong

(Author study; newspaper report- bias and how to report an opinion)


Bible extract: Christmas, the Magi – Link to R.E.

(Explanatory text)                                    


Key learning: Science, Geography and History


Ice Trap

(Non-fiction fact file; biography; instructions; explanatory text)


The Lost Thing

(formal letter; description of a setting)


Greek Myths – including Persephone

(Write own mythical story; drama production of some of pupils’ stories)


The Lost Words – poetry

(Blackout poetry; descriptive writing)


Easter – link to R.E.

(Explanatory text)

Alfred vs the Vikings

Key Learning: History


The Highwayman – poetry



Street Child (extract, not whole book)


A Boy Called Hope

(informal letter; historical fiction writing)

Now you see it!

Key learning: Science


A Place Called Perfect

(persuasive description; mystery story – sequel to the book)                                                               






Year 6


Faster than Lightning
Key Learning: Science


The Lighthouse (film)

(Story writing- ending, newspaper article)


(Instructions, description)


Monumental Mayans

Key Learning: History


The Red Piano

(balanced argument)


Mayan writing


Leaflets (Calshot)


Tomb Raiders

Key Learning: Geography and History


The Scarab’s Secret (story writing, exemplification- mummification, non-chronological report- Tutankhamun)


SATs revision



An Apple a Day

Key Learning: Science


Lady of Shalott (Poem, dialogue in text, diary/ description)

Survival of the Fittest

Key Learning: Science



Narrative opening


The Wonder Garden

Tourist guide





We are proud to have strong SMSC education in school. Our caring school ethos is built upon integrated opportunities for SMSC throughout the school day as well as within the curriculum. Some of the ways in which we achieve this are:

· Assemblies- themed around the school values with an opportunity to reflect and respond

· Class discussions- focussed on understanding the consequences of actions and the effect on others

· Shared reading opportunities- investigating and responding to moral or ethical dilemmas

· Assessment opportunities- celebrating all achievements (learning, sporting, behavioural)

· RE and PSHE curriculums- developing knowledge of the world around and considering ‘right and wrong’. Developing own thoughts and beliefs and respecting those of others

· Positive contribution to the school- undertaking a responsibility such as being a Young Governor or a Play Leader and giving up own time to improve opportunities for others


Every class undertakes a unit of RE work each half term following the Hampshire Living Difference III curriculum. We organise the Living Difference framework as follows:



Year R

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4/5

Year 6


Autumn 1

Sharing Harvest



Special Books, Bible and Torah


God Talk




Prayer /The church


Good/ evil



Good/ evil and avatars

The festival of Holi



Autumn 2


Celebrating birthdays


Light as a symbol

Hannukah and Advent

Special journeys Christmas









Birth narratives



Spring 1


Stories Jesus Told,



Creation stories






Muhammed and the 5 Pillars of Islam



Reflection/ prayer



Christian Story



Spring 2


Celebrating new life


Darkness to Light


Paschal Candle



Palm Sunday





Eucharist - Easter



The Empty Cross



Summer 1


Special Clothes


Bread as a symbol

See unit in Harvest pack





Christian and Muslim







Summer 2


Special Things


People Jesus Met



Special Places

Church/ Synagogue



Sacred books- Bible Qu’ran


Hindu Mandir



Rites of passage-




Link to Hampshire Living Difference III.


Parents have the right to withdraw their children from both collective worship and also RE lessons although our school does not recommend this. Requests for withdrawal must be made in writing and addressed to the Headteacher.

If you wish to find out more about our curriculum please click on the link at the bottom of this page. In addition, further information and hard copies of documents may be requested by making contact with the school office who will be happy to help. 
School Trips

We aim for each year group to have visits that are carefully interwoven with their topic.  We choose experiences that are not only linked to our topics and are enjoyable for the children, but most importantly, will enhance and extend learning. Trips and may change and develop as we explore our children's interests and each topic.
Care Aspire Achieve Greatham is 'GOOD' Ofsted rating January 2020