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Welcome to our FROGS section!
(FRiends of Greatham School)

Hello and welcome to FROGS - Friends of Greatham School that is! As a parent with a child(ren) at the school you will naturally have the best interests of the school at heart-and so do we...that is why every parent is included in FROGS once their child joins the school. If you wish to support further then why not come along to our fundraising committee meetings. They are informal yet structured; fun and relaxed; usually include food and drink AND you will not be expected or pressured to do something unless you want to, but; your input and perspective are invaluable.

To contact FROGS please email:

We would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to fill out the FROGS survey.  All responses are anonymous and will be used to help understand what parents would like from FROGS.  The link is  Please copy and paste into your browser and follow the instructions.
Thank you.