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Governor Details and Register of Interests

Governors hold an important public office and their identity should be known to the school and wider communities. In the interests of transparency, the governing body have published on the school's website up-to-date details of the school's governance arrangements. 


2023-2024 Governor Details & Register of Interests


Governors of Greatham Primary School October 2023  Our Governing Body consists of up to 12 members and operates without committees except a Pay committee and the Head’s Performance Panel
   Currently there are 10 governors, 5 men and 5 women. All are white British.
    Current termRegister of Attendance 2022-23Attendance 2022-23
NameCategoryAppointed or elected byRoles and Committee memberships 2023/24of officeinterests entriesFull Governing BodyCommittees
Rob AhearnCo-optedFGBChair of Governors, member Pay Committee05/05/20- 05/05/24None89%Pay Com 100%
David Cartwright-ForbesCo-optedFGBGovernors Forum Rep08/06/23-07/06/27None50%n/a
Anna Dale-HarrisCo-optedFGBMember Head’s Performance Management Panel, Development & Training Governor, Young Governors liaison04/07/20-03/07/24None100%HTPM 100%
Philip MillerCo-optedFGBHealth & Safety focus15/12/22-14/12/26None100%n/a
Sarah Jane Parker-PhippsCo-optedFGBMember Pay Committee, Equalities focus15/12/22-14/12/26None71%n/a
Jo GomanStaff, HeadEx-officioAdviser to Pay CommitteeFrom 21/05/15None100%HTPM 100%        PayCom 100%
Michael AndertonLocal AuthorityCounty CouncillorGovernors Forum Rep25/05/23-25/05/27Director Power Up Electrical, may supply electrical services to the school or staff89%HTPM 100%
Nicola BirchwoodParentParentsChair of Pay Committee, Safeguarding focus, SEND and Pupil Premium focus10/02/22-09/02/26None100%Pay Com 100%
Martin HendersonParentParentsVice-Chair of Governors, member Head’s Performance Management Panel, Finance Focus01/08/22-31/07/26None89%Pay Com 100%
Penny FaulknerStaffStaff 18/10/20-17/10/24None78%n/a
Helen EvisonClerk to Governors HCC Clerkn/aClerks at other local HCC schools100%Pay Com 100%
Governors of Greatham Primary School - Leavers 2022-23    Register of Attendance 2022-23 while in postAttendance 2022-23 while in post
NameCategoryAppointed or elected byRoles and Committee membershipsEnd dateinterests entriesFull Governing BodyCommittees
Diana PontCo-optedFGBSEND, Head’s Performance Management17/07/23None78%n/a
Peter SuttonLocal AuthorityCounty CouncillorHealth & Safety focus14/11/22None100%n/a
Barbara DavisCo-optedFGB 04/06/23None50%n/a