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Welcome to our stunning school. We are set in the small village of Greatham which is nestled in the South Downs. The school began in 1911 and has 7 classes catering for up to 210 children. We have the highest expectations of both children and adults in our school and all share in the belief that that every moment counts!

Currently there are 160 children on roll.  The catchment area comprises Greatham and Empshott villages, and the isolated houses within a radius of approximately one and a half miles.  Slightly over one third of the children are from within catchment, the remainder being drawn from Selbourne, Liss, Liss Forest, Whitehill, Liphook and Bordon. The school was built in 1911 and celebrated its centenary in 2011!

We trust that both your child and family will be very happy here and we look forward to working with you. We actively encourage your participation in your child’s education and hope that you are able to make the most of school life! We know that for our children to continue to flourish a close, friendly and co-operative partnership between home and school is essential.

We are very proud of our school, our children and what they are able to achieve. We take both care and pride in our achievements and hold learning at the centre of our school ethos.

More information enclosed in our prospectus which aims to give you a flavour of what we have to offer.

Learning at Greatham
Greatham has seven classes:

Rabbits 4-5 years This is the youngest class, and it covers the Foundation Stage curriculum                                      
Squirrels 5-6 years These two years cover the first part of the  National Curriculum: Key Stage 1
Badgers 6-7 years
Hedgehogs 7-8 years

These four years cover the second part of the National Curriculum: Key Stage 2. 



Moles            8-9 years
Foxes 9-10 years
Otters 10-11 years

Our curriculum creatively places subjects together into engaging topics that are appropriate to the age of the children.  Subjects are placed where links can be made rather than being equally spread across terms. English, maths and PE will be taught separately, although links will be made where possible. Our children to learn Spanish within the topics.

Our curriculum will continue to develop and improve so that it is rigorous enough to ensure progression but also flexible enough to respond to individual learners, national and international events. Our aims are: 
  • for all pupils to receive a full education (UN Article 29) which is both exciting and engaging;
  • for all pupils to receive excellent teaching and be given the opportunity to learn in ways that maximise their success;
  • for all children to be set appropriate learning challenges;
  • to promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development; and
  • prepare all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life

Termly opportunities to meet with the teachers as well as weekly informal ‘drop in’ sessions mean parents are always very involved in their child’s learning.

We no longer have a school prospectus but please have a look around our website.  If you need any further information please contact us. 
Starting School in September 2021 - A Virtual Tour of our school is now available, please contact for details